Personal. Ambitious. Professional.

Our method of working is different from the general practice you’d find in other casting agencies in Hungary.
What we don’t have:

  • Online database and online registration for the public

What we have:

  • That is, what’s our secret? Why it is so, that big international productions are looking for us?

The reason is our personal, ambitious and professional working method.

For more than 20 years we have not missed a single day of registration. Every Friday in our office we wait for the most diverse characters different in age, abilities and race. We take photos and shoot a video of the applicants meanwhile we also chat with them and find out all the details that can be essential when taking on a role. With much care and accuracy, we
introduce all data and features into our system, which is a vast database with more than 90,000+ registered individuals, out of which 70,000+ are active talents.

The diversity of talents along with our self-developed casting software and the efficient search/selection process by our expert team provides a certain ’safe harbour’ feeling that our partners recognize. We keep the knowledge about our actors/talents up-to-date in our minds and also in the database. It is highly important for us ’to place every single element one-by-one to its place on the palette’. We have consciously built a complex and flexible agency which is capable of meeting – non-stop, 24 hours a day if needed – all expectations of today’s accelerated world. Based on the director’s brief, we dispatch the filtered selections for a given role within a couple of hours. This way the director will neither get overwhelmed with face pictures nor is
he/she receiving a pig in a poke. Two casting rooms, professional photographers, experienced crowd marshalls, a fully equipped office and project management from A to Z – all our assets are at our clients’ disposal to meet and exceed their expectations.

In the past years, we took part in the production of more than 5000+ projects. Most of these works are commercials, but we are also immensely proud that with our contribution approximately 100+ feature films or film series were accomplished.

Finally – for you to feel our potential – we would like to demonstrate the result of the above working method by describing our database.

Among the registered members we have:
– MANY sportsmen, swat guys
– MANY models
– MANY dancers
– MANY “ad” faces
– MANY kids
– MANY ethnic
– MANY actors

+ MANY extras, extreme characters, singers, musicians and cars!